Thank You for Coffee and Cake!

On behalf of Karolina and her Mom, we would like to thank all who contributed to the fundraising event “Coffee and Cake for Karolina” on March 24, those who baked so many delicious cakes, those who volunteered their time to help during the event and, of course, those who donated the funds to her treatment. We would also like to thank for the donation from the farewell breakfast for Mary Mizenko. Special thanks to priest Waldemar and to priest Marek for a wonderful service and his encouraging words Karolina will never forget. Thank you for being true friends to Karolina in this difficult time, for supporting her and for welcoming her in your homes in the months to come.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!  Serdeczne Bóg zapłać!

–          Organizers (Karolina’s Friends)


The winners of the Lottery:

Gift Basket: Kris Wisniewski

Mazurek: Gosia Walczak

Decorative Leather Bowl: Dr. Barbara Burzynski

Photos by Stan Aponiuk and others


Please continue supporting Karolina in her fight with brain cancer!