myLINGO app to enjoy movies at the theater in Polish

Olenka Polak, a Harvard University student is a co-founder of a startup language app called myLINGO that allows people of different backgrounds enjoy movies at the theater in the language of their choice.

My brother and I grew up as children of Polish immigrants who never spoke English well enough to understand the nuance, speed and slang of movie dialogue. We missed out on a family experience due to a language barrier, and it is our mission to remove that barrier – for non-native English speakers, students learning a foreign language or multilingual families, like ours.

I’m reaching out to ask your help in spreading the word about myLINGO app, to let students and faculty know that this exists and is available for free from the Apple and Google Play app stores.

This weekend, we have 3 movies on myLINGO: Cinderella and McFarland, USA (both available in Spanish) and The SpongeBob Movie (in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Polish). The SpongeBob audio can be downloaded FREE from the app with a promo code PATRICK.

myLINGO will work in ANY theater, as long as you have downloaded the alternate language audio track in advance (over WiFi) and bring your headphones or earphones. Our web site,, provides more information and a means to try out the experience at home for free. You can also view our 1-minute product video on YouTube.

 Olenka Polak


Please try and let us know about your experience!