The Fourth Dimension – at Anya Tish Gallery

Anya Tish Gallery is pleased to present The Fourth Dimension, an exhibition of work by four international and regional artists: HJ Bott, Árpád Forgó, George Grochocki, and Ricardo Paniagua.

WHEN May 3 – June 29, 2024

WHERE: 4411 Montrose Boulevard, Suite A’ Houston, Texas 77006

The concept of the fourth dimension has fascinated artists, scientists, and philosophers for centuries, offering a realm beyond our three-dimensional reality. The featured artists utilize the speculative idea of the fourth dimension as a metaphorical tool to challenge perceptions and expand artistic expression, pushing the boundaries of visual representation and imagination. Systemic artists George Grochocki and HJ Bott create abstract paintings and sculptures using self-derived algorithms and concepts, exploring the principles of organization, structure, and pattern to devise visually captivating pieces that evoke a sense of order and harmony. Conversely, Árpád Forgó and Ricardo Paniagua’s geometric abstract artwork focuses on the use of angular shapes and forms as the primary elements of expression, employing precise lines, patterns, and colors to create compositions that are minimalist yet powerful, emphasizing the purity and simplicity of geometric forms. Both styles challenge viewers to engage with art on an intellectual level, inviting contemplation of the underlying systems and geometries at play within the works.