Health Insurance Advisor

With the New Year approaching and Health Insurance rules and options changing, we are glad to have a Polish speaking health insurance advisor in Houston, Roma Polanska.  She is offering  Houston Polonia not only specific insurance but most importantly consulting services and advice.

Roma represents USHEALTH Advisors and health coverage plans developed by USHEALTH and the American Independent Business Coalition. All plans are individually and specifically designed to fit individuals, families, self-employed and business owners. The new, unique PPO plans include no deductible and no co-pay and come with the association benefit package.


Some of the benefits include:
– Up to 3 years guaranteed rate lock
– 24 hr. coverage on and off the job
– Any doctor and any hospital
– Buy more coverage when and if you need it

The association benefit packet includes:
– Lobbyist, Lawyer and Tax Adviser
– Road assistance
– Life and Accident Insurance
– Travel Insurance with Medical Transportation
– up to $800/day paid for hospitalization
– Call MD – 24/7 Unlimited Telemedicine
– Multiple business discounts

All plans are PPO and available at prices that are very competitive to individual Market Place insurance or even some group plans.

400 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E., Suite 320

Houston, TX  77060

Cell: 713-714-7255