An Oddysey of Discovery – new Book by Jeremy Price

oddysey_jeremy_price_mMany Polish Houstonians know Jeremy Price, and more or less vaguely know he works in some very technical field.  Very few know he is also a world traveler and a writer.
Jeremy has just published his second book:  An Oddysey of Discovery – The Mediterranean and Vicinity

‘This book covers travel experiences in most countries surrounding the Mediterranean including the culture, history, anthropology, art, music, cuisine, wine and antiquity giving a unique perspective on discovering this most captivating region of the World. This adventure is illustrated with over 200 color photographs.’


This might be your reading choice for this weekend!


worldwide_jeremy_price_mHis first book is also available:
Worldwide Travels Of a Common Man

‘This is an astonishing account of a Global journey of over a million miles through all the World’s major Continents over a period of 30 years, illustrated with over 270 color photographs and the history of the last millennium. Beginning behind the Iron Curtain during the Communist Era in Berlin and Poland, the scene moves to the game parks and Copper mines in Africa, to Scandinavia, central and south East Asia, the Middle East, around the Indian ocean and the Exotic Islands such as Hawaii, Seychelles and then the Americas and beyond to over 65 countries.’


July 1, 2016