Polish Victims of Nazi Germany



Dear Friends,

Do you know anyone who survived the atrocities of WWII? Would they be willing to talk on camera about what they witnessed?
My mother, Irena Krzyzanowska and her family suffered at the hands of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.  She and her sisters were imprisoned in a slave labor camp in Cottbus, Germany. My father fought the German army in Poland and France.
Unfortunately my parents are no longer alive, and much of this generation has passed away.  The Holocaust museum in Washington DC is looking for non-Jewish Poles who would be willing to talk about what they went through during WWII.
This is a very important initiative to preserve the history of Poland while these Polish survivors are still with us. So please join us on May 6th at the Kosciuszko Foundation to learn more about this initiative.
And because many seniors do not use email or the Internet, please call them and tell them that we want to hear about their lives during WWII, and to preserve their history.
Alex Storozynski



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